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Microtech Knife

Introducing the Microtech knives in our catalog. The company MicroTec well-known to collectors all over the world. Sure, a MicroTec knives, You will find an interesting instance.Microtech is a legend in the world of knives!Founded in 1994 by Tony Martine. Microtech is uncompromising quality in everything. MicroTec makes some of the most technically complex and advanced production knives in the world. The glory of the company brought the famous OTF (knives front opening), or “frontally”. Powerful coil springs, a minimum backlash and sleek design, made the front automatic knives Microtech bestseller among similar knives.At this point, the Microtech knives are not only some of the highest quality and most famous knives in the world, but also the most counterfeited. If you offer a knife of this legendary brand at a price lower than 200-300$, it is possible with high probability to say – before you fake!Microtech in its short history has produced a huge number of collectible knives. A limited series of famous models are released several times a year. Unlike the basic version of the knife may seem unimportant (the material of the handle or even the blade descents another form), but for the collector or just a fan of exclusivity, this knife immediately becomes the object of desire! Prices on limited edition knives can at times exceed the cost of the basic model. But very rare knife MicroTec today, You can be sure that in a few years he will be much more expensive!Individual attention, Microtech knives Marfione Custom Knives (More knives Martine). Martinovska ostomy is the combination of faultless quality and the high technological level of the company MicroTec manual work of the legendary masters. Their knives Martine often decorated with blades of Damascus steel, and the handle receive inserts of mother of pearl or Stingray leather. As a result, we receive the knives, which are a stunning success, as fans of the brand and the people who want to have the best and most rare in the world of knives.

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