Knives up to 50,000 rubles


    Accessories – this is a resource for connoisseurs of high-quality knives. Here you can find exclusive author’s works, knives released in a limited series (limited), as well as the best serial knives of premium brands. Our knives will be an excellent addition to any knife collection, or a wonderful original gift to a person who can appreciate the beauty of a custom or just a quality rare knife. it will be interesting to everyone who is familiar with such names as Allen Elishevitz, Jeff Harkins, Mick Strider or Mel Pardew, and those who have already had a chance to evaluate the quality of tactical knives of such brands as Microtech, Benchmade or Zero Tolerance.

    Do you need to buy an author’s knife in Moscow or another city?
    Buy a “gift” knife for a colleague?
    Are you interested in a conventional automatic knives or “frontally”?
    I want to buy a rare work knife?
    Need a gift for a hunter or fisherman?
    Looking for a unique gentleman’s knife?
    Are you a fan of Damascus steel?
    You do not know how to deal with the variety of knives presented?
    Call us, we are sure we can help you!

    Currently, on the shelves of knife stores and the Internet, you can find a huge number of Chinese fakes of famous tactical knives and all sorts of” copies ” of popular author’s customizations. We respect our client! Adding to your collection with us, you can always be sure that you are purchasing only original products!

    Knives from our collection have blades made of the best steels, such as tool steels A2, D2, the famous powder steels 154V, ZDP-189, Cowry-Y, S35-VN. Also here you will find a wide selection of customizations from Damascus, such masters as: Devin Thomas (Devin Thomas), Mike Norris( Mike Norris), Chad Nichols (Chad Nichols) and even Vsevolod Soskov. Knife handles are made of the best materials of aluminum, titanium and high-quality steel. Many knives are finished with the rarest materials: mammoth Tusk and tooth, various types of bone, valuable wood species and several types of mother-of-pearl.

    Using you can buy custom knives from all over the world. Our store offers author’s knives of famous masters of South Africa, high-quality Japanese collectible knives, expensive gift knives from the United States.