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R J Martin

Country of origin


Blade length

108 mm

Overall length

244 mm

The material of the blade


Handle material


Lock type

Frame Lock

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Fingerprint Devastator

R J Martin Devastator Fingerprint

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Legendary flipper Devastator, the most famous in the world master P, Jay Martin!

The knife is made with the most modern materials such as titanium and rare powder steel CTSBD30P. The blade has a finish “stone wash“, allowing the knife looks very brutal, and when you use the scratches will not be visible. Original patterns like a fingerprint on the handle, creating an exceptional tactile feel of the knife, it is as if sculptured under your hand!

Impeccable quality and unique style of this knife make it an excellent choice for the sophisticated collector, and for anyone who wants to have in his pocket a reliable tool of the highest level!