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Phil Boguszewski

Country of origin


Blade length

98 mm

Overall length

253 mm

The thickness of the blade

6 mm

Handle material

mahogany, Stainless steel

Lock type

Back Lock


365 gr

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Elmer Keith Hunter

Phil Boguszewski – Elmer Keith Hunter

3 800$

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Elmer Keith Hunter is a unique project. The knife was created by legendary American master Phil Bogushevskaya as a sign of respect to the legendary American hunters and gun-maker Omarumutu (1899-1984). Knives of Elmer Keith had two bolster with guard developed to protect the hands and a powerful blade with a thick butt. Bogushevskaya rethink this design, creating a unique folding knife. This knife is in the style of old-school, done at the highest technical level, as all products Phil.
A knife can be a real gem of a collection, or a premium gift to true connoisseurs of high-class instrument!