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Country of origin


Blade length

97 mm

Overall length

230 mm

The thickness of the blade

4 mm

The material of the blade

Author Damascus Chad Nichols (Chad Nichols)

Handle material

Titan / Copyright Damascus Chad Nichols (Chad Nichols)

Lock type

Double Frame lock


189 gr

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DUE Deluxe

GTC – DUE Deluxe

43 000$

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Knife famous Gustavo Tome Sessini. The best representative of the rare series of knives DUE. The knife impresses with its complex and interesting design hi-tech style! The blade and insert the handle made of korrozionnostojkoj author of the famous Damascus Chad Nichols, titanova part of the handle has a glossy manual processing, and the icing on the cake is the clip from Maruti. Unikalnost model is not only the symmetry of the blade and handle, but in the lock design, the knife has 2 symmetrically placed, the frame lock, so the knife can be opened and closed in both directions! The quality of workmanship of each detail and the whole knife in General at the highest level.

This knife can be a worthy addition to the best collection or a unique gift for the connoisseur, it all depends on You.