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Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve (Chris Reeve) , toolmaker by training, became interested in the manufacture of knives still in the army.Chris initially became world famous for the production of all-metal knives from the family of OPR (One Piece Range), and these knives were consistently exported to England, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, ??waist, France, Germany and Australia. Then in 1987, Chris began experimenting with a prototype of a folding knife, which would serve as a companion to the concept of knives OPR. In accordance with the idea of “immune to weather” folding knife had to have the handle made of titanium and the blade stainless steel. Because, Chris, always fighting for the simplicity of the project, he had long developed a mechanism for fixing the blade to ensure effective, well done constipation like and aesthetically. Four years later, a folding knife “Sebenza”, with integral lock (Sebenza Integral Lock Folding Knife) was completed. The knife was recognized as the most reliable and hardy kladnica on the market, and Chris took numerous congratulations on this occasion.The introduction in 2001 of a folding knife “Mnandi” is a new stage of development of the projects of the CDIP. From the point of view of Chris, the functionality is the main requirement of the project for any product. In “Mnandi” Chris tried to combine functionality and aesthetics, creating “gentleman’s” knife with a graceful and non-threatening appearance.He likes to use exotic materials, often inlays of gold, pearls or wood into titanium or wooden handles to create an interesting contrast of color and texture. Most of the knowledge about tree species Chris took over from his father, who in his youth began to assemble a collection of roots and stumps. So many of Chris wooden parts, much older than himself.

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