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Bob Terzuola

Introducing knives Bob Terzuola in our directory. The name of Bob Terzuola is well known to any collector. Sure, among the knives Terzuoli You will find an interesting instance.Bob Terzuola (Bob Terzuola) was born in Brooklyn , he studied at new York University . After his graduation in 1967, Bob went to Panama, as Advisor to the peace Corps, and then became a Carver jade and gemologist in Guatemala.In 1981 Bob Terzuola, joined the Guild of noisecom with the blessing of his teacher, the legendary Bob Lawless (Bob Loveless) . The first knife masters were the “fixes” made for soldiers in Guatemala . In 1981 he moved to new Mexico and began making folding knives. Seeing the need for a knife that can be discreetly carried and used, it developed a model using black Micarta for arm and anti-glare bolster

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