Catalog of knives from KNIFE MBertie Rietveld

Bertie Rietveld

Bertie leather bar is one of the best craftsmen of South Africa. Bertie makes his knife almost 40 years, and 97 through 99 was Chairman of the South African Guild.Bertie leather bar known for its highly pikirannya knives unique folding models. He works in his own style, using in the manufacture of colored Damascus “DRAGONSKIN” which forges itself. Leather bar uses different premium materials for the manufacture of blades, natural bone and precious stones imnogoe more. The hallmark of the Bertie is the lock for folding knives “bertie lock” and a magnifying glass in the axial screw, looking at that you can see the stamp of the master. Bertie leather bar regularly participates in annual international exhibitions in Africa, USA, Europe.

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