Catalog of knives from KNIFE MZabelina Natalia

Zabelina Natalia

Natalia Zabelina was born in the city of Tula, which has long been famous for its weapons school. Once in the forge the first time, Natalie realized it was her! After that was a long way from apprentice to the blacksmith world!

Natalia Zabelina specializiruetsya on various types of Damascus steel, among which a special place is the color of incredible beauty, colour Damascus. So bright and interesting blades, are the result of a special etching reagents and selection of specific grades of steel, this Natalia has no equal!

Natalia, a permanent participant of Russian and international arms exhibitions, where her works are highly appreciated by Amateurs and specialists.

Each knife Natalia Zabelina is not really a thing in which the master puts herself!

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